Safe drivers of tomorrow are the well taught learners of today.

We offer practical driving lessons for drivers with any level of experience.
Our classes help you gain the confidence necessary to become a safe driver and prepare you with driving skills that meet ICBC standards to help you pass the road test.
We provide:
  • Lessons that range from 1hr to 2hrs.
  • Practical in-car driving lessons for Class 7 (Learners) drivers. Lessons include orientation to the car and all of the controls, smooth driving, stopping, complex intersection, parking. visual scanning, search patterns and general strategies for staying safe on the road.
  • “Refresher” lessons and preparation for Novice drivers wanting to take their class 5 road test. Lessons include free-way vision, patterns and speed management.
  • Lessons for class 5 drivers with drivers licenses from other countries.
  • Intensive road test preparation lessons for Class 5 and Class 7 ICBC Road Tests.
  • A car for warm ups and ICBC road tests.
Find out if you are ready for the road test! Our professional instructors will observe your driving, correct any mistakes you might have and help you improve by giving professional feedback. We can pick you up at school, work, or home.

    Hours of Operation: 8am - 9pm